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Cranberry Farm in Warrens, WI

Located in the cozy town of Warrens, WI, Olson Brothers Cranberry Co. has spent the past 70 years flourishing as the state’s best cranberry farm. Love them or hate them (though let’s be honest, who could hate cranberries?), cranberries are becoming a staple in many lifestyles and diets. We’re proud to provide our community with access to these high-quality, tasty fruits.

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About Olson Brothers Cranberry

Owned by Alan Olson, our cranberry farm has more than seven decades of service and cranberry farming under our belts. We provide cranberries to business owners and private customers just like you every day. Let us show you why we’re the best in the region.

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Growing Cranberries the Right Way

It’s not easy to grow a good cranberry. They need a very unique set of factors to properly thrive and grow into the happy little fruits they are. This means we offer the specialized soil conditions they require, as well as an abundance of fresh water and intricate harvesting techniques. We know what it takes to make our fruits truly flourish. 

Cranberries: Delicious AND Healthy

It’s been widely spread over the years that cranberries boast a range of unique health benefits. At Olson Brothers Cranberry, we’re proud to announce these rumors as truth. Not only are they full of vitamins and nutrition, but their acidity is known to combat infections that might attempt to arise within the urinary tract of the body as well.

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